Hello and Welcome

Here you will find tips to living you life to the fullest, having a positive attitude, good mental health, feeling fantastic over forty and kicking ass everyday!

Not too long ago I was overweight and depressed. I had bouts of IBS, developed eczema on my arms and rosacea on my face.  I had little motivation and was completely frustrated with my situation. Along with depression came its close friend anxiety. Every part of my body hurt. There were days I couldn’t get out of bed, not only because I was depressed,  but I couldn’t move my body without pain. Through diet, yoga and exercise my life changed.  It’s been a long road to recovery and I continue my journey every day.  Slow and steady with no expectations.  Remember the rabbit and the hare?


Live your truth

Through yoga I learned to be honest and real with myself, know my limitations and honor what makes me, well… me!  Through my teaching I hope to pass that along, so my students learn to be tru to themselves and love who they are.  We are all made of personal experiences that make us who we are, and acceptance is the key to be free in mind, body and soul.


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